Saturday, October 19, 2013

Class Dojo

As a first year teacher, I came into the school year with great ideas for classroom management.  However, like all great ideas, mine failed for my current students.  Telling one of my 2nd graders to 'Take a Break' was anything but successful.  I was desperate after the first few weeks of school and all my ideas were failing.  Then, I came across one of the best discoveries since peanut butter (or put in your choice of guilty pleasure)...
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This is a great management tool that will allow you to track not only misbehavior, but students' positive choices.  Below is a informational video:

Here are a couple supplementary items I created to help my classroom become more motivated about earning points.


I use the above rewards to show appreciation for the kids that work hard.  Also, in my classroom, we work as a team, so I wanted to reward team work monthly.  To track student points, I use the Dojo Tracker.

Every day, I announce who had the most points and how they received the points.  This special person gets their name on the Dojo Master Board and gets to sit in a special chair the next day as the Dojo Master.

Finally, I created Dojo Dollars.  If you rather hand out money than track points, here is a link to a FREEBIE printable money that I created.

Thanks for stopping!  Happy Managing!