Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow Painting

 Outside time was jazzed up today with snow painting!  A fun and easy activity that allowed the kids to show their artistic abilities outside.
All you need is powder tempra paint.  Place in a cup and add water.  The mixture should be watery to allow it to spread over the snow.

Bring it outside and let the excitement begin.  Encourage them to write their name, make shapes, or other topics that you may be covering in class.

It all becomes a colorful masterpiece!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Toy Car Painting

One of the biggest dilemmas  in my classroom is to get some of the boys to enjoy art, so I have made it my mission to find artistic projects to intrigue the many superhero boys in my class.  

The Toy Car Painting was the answer!  Not only was I able to get all of my students to join the fun, but I also made a science lesson about coloring mixing.  

Here is how to do it in your classroom today! 
Large White Paper/Tag Board
Toy Cars
Put some streaks or blobs of pain on the paper and let their artistic method begin.
After they saw what color they created, I added white to talk about shade and how the paint color will be lighter and darker in some spots.
The blue/yellow painting was absolutely beautiful.
Look at those cars go!  HONK HONK!
Then I added these color labels for a great way for the kids to look back and see what colors mix to make purple, green, orange, and grey.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Easter is Everywhere!

Easter has taken over!  Eggs, chicks, and bible verses make a beautiful atmosphere.  Here is a look into my Easter world:
This chick I found in a pack of two for $1.00 at Target!  His pal is sitting on the other side of the nest.  How could I resist these cute little guys and at such a bargain (look in the dollar section to find your own).
There is that other little yellow guy.  He is protecting his egg in that lantern. Oh, that silly chick!

I switched out candles for eggs nesting in this antique bottle holder.  I put this beautiful bible verse in a modern chevron background to create a modern chic look.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Easter Wreath

Add some Easter cheer to your entrance with a simple wreath.
What You Will Need:
Grapevine Wreath
Hot Glue
Egg Garland
I took the garland and cut the individual pieces apart.  This made it easier to arrange evenly on the wreath.
First arrange the egg garland around the wreath to make sure it is evenly distributed.  Then glue them down.  Easy as that!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Easter Printable Quotation

This year I will be decorating for Easter with a modern chic look, so I wanted to create a printable that reflected both these aspects. The chevron print creates a modern feel with a grey/brown and white chic color combination.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Personal Printable Quote

I made this personal printable for my favorite person.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beary Special Valentines

Haven't done your Valentines yet!  Don't despair, Teddy Grahams are here!
What you need:
Teddy Grahams
FYI: Nut Free Treat
Ta-Daa!  Easy, quick Valentines!

Yarn Heart Valentines

Our classroom family Valentine was a messy art project!  We made yarn hearts with glue and yarn, and everyone finished a sticky mess.  All you need is yarn, glue, wax paper, and optional heart cookie cutter and glitter.
Have students dip the yarn all the way in the glue (tell them you want their fingers to be super sticky).  We used cookie cutters to help create the heart shape.  When they are done adding yarn, have them sprinkle it with glitter for extra pa-zaz!  

We then gave each child the poem below to go with their heart.  Click here for the free printable.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toilet Paper Heart Stamps

A fun way to reuse toilet paper rolls, make heart stamps. All you need is toilet paper rolls, tape and paint.
Tape the toilet paper roll to form a heart on the ends.
Have students dip and create process art with these fun and free heart stamps.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Kids' Valentine Wreath

Here is a fun and easy Valentine Day wreath to make with your students:
Mix water and water color paint in a shallow dish (wide enough to fit coffee filters).  Have students dip the coffee filters into the mixture and quickly take out (this creates an ombre effect).
Paint the edges of the coffee filters with red paint. This is a great way to work on motor skills and motivation.
Cut out a heart shape from a cardboard box.  Older grade levels will be able to do this step, but I had to do it for my little learners. Use a hole puncher to put tissue in to create carnation flowers.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chocolate Covered 'Strawberries'

One common Valentine's Day dessert is chocolate covered strawberries.  This year, I wanted to acknowledge this delicious dessert and at the same time put a twist on it.

Fade into the Chocolate Covered 'Strawberries'-
These wafer cookies are a perfect substitute for strawberries.  Whenever I eat a wafer cookie, it reminds me of my grandma's house because she always had a Tupperware container full of them, so it is a sweet reminder of her love.  

Make your own Chocolate Covered 'Strawberries'-
Strawberry Wafers
Almond Bark (Vanilla and Chocolate Flavored)
Valentine Sprinkles (I got this one at Target for $4.99)
Melt the chocolate and let stand for 1 minute to firm a little.  Dip the wafers into the chocolate and lay on parchment paper.  Immediately add sprinkles to the top of the chocolate.  Let cool and firm before storing.
And there you have it, Chocolate Covered 'Strawberries' perfect for kids and adults alike!