Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chair Folder Holders

My next project is to finish these chair folder holders for more classroom storage.  My previous cooperating teacher incorporated these and used them to store student work and to dictate the 'folder holder' which is the table leader who picks up papers and materials, cleans the table after snack, and for any other way to create classroom management.  I am making 4 of these convenient holders, one for each of my tables. 

The holders are simply fabric with a pocket on the top for holding it on the chair and a pocket on the bottom (facing away from the chair) for holding the folders.  I am not very crafty, but this is a simple sewing machine stitch that even the most amature crafter could do.
If you do not want to sew, you can find similar holders in educational stores.  For example, Lakeshore has a 'At-Your-Seat Star Student Sack' on sale for $7.77!  Instead of changing the name for each student, the students on the table can create a 'team' name, which creates a cooperative learning environment.

At-You-Seat Star Student Sack