Friday, August 3, 2012

Great Deal!

I have been searching high and low for dry erase boards that are not too expensive or heavy, and I have finally spotted the perfect ones.  Many people have told me to go to a home improvement store and buy a big sheet of tile board and cut into smaller boards, but I do not have the resources to cut it and some of those boards are really heavy for young learners to pass out to friends! 

These boards are available at Target for around $1. That is right $1!  You can supply your classroom without breaking the bank and they are nice and light.  Another great thing about these boards is that they have one side that is blank and one side with lines.  This is great for differentiating lessons or using them for different tasks.
I look forward to using these throughout every subject.  For example, I could have students practice representing numbers 1-10 by drawing on the boards.  Also, students can join in on writing new letters and words in literacy or morning meetings.