Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Upcycle Wreath

Thanksgiving Upcycle Wreath
What You Need:
Paper Bags
Cardboard Box
Hot Glue
Cut out a cardboard circle to glue leaves to.  Use a dinner plate for the outside circle and a small plate for the inner circle.
Cut out 11"x8.5" pieces from the paper bags.
 I created a Thanksgiving printable for this wreath. Get it at this link: Thanksgiving Printable
 Print off the Thanksgiving Printable on the pieces of cut out paper bags.
Trace a leaf on the back of the pages.  I also used plain paper bags.
 Crease the leaves down the middle.
 Attach a ribbon to hang.
This is a wreath that I made with my students.  We finger painted the paper bag with orange paint and sprinkled the leaves with glitter.  It proudly decorates our classroom door!

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