Saturday, November 24, 2012

Modern Christmas Wreath

I wanted to make my mom a holiday wreath that reflected her personality, so naturally I picked this leopard print ribbon!  She is absolutely in love with leopard, and it turned out so beautiful.
Here is what I used:
Grapevine Wreath
String of Holiday berries (gold)
Wooden Letters (Spray Painted Gold)
Ornaments (My mom had extra to use!)
I sprayed the joy sing with gold and antique white spray paint.
Separate the sprigs of berries and put a drop of hot glue at the end to attach it to the grapevine.
I then added two snowflakes (one on top of the other) for some extra glitz!
Ta-Da! Merry Christmas Mom! Love You!
 (She is so fun and spunky!)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Advent Calendar

Hello Fellow Bloggers!  It has been a little while since my last post, but with the holidays coming up, I have been very busy.  This weekend though was a perfect time to catch up! 

Since it is the first year and Christmas living with my boyfriend, I thought a great way to celebrate the holiday is by an Advent Calendar. 

I looked everywhere for a calendar that was both functional and charming.  Then I found a library card Advent calendar on sale for $50 at (talk about expensive)!
Being thrifty, I was driven to create this calendar for myself.  The entire project cost me about $3.00 (plus ink from the printer).

Here is how it turned out...
This project is too good to not share, so I am linking all the templates for this at the bottom of the post and sharing each step:

Print out the templates (found at the bottom of this post) and cut the pockets and cards.

Add your daily events to each library card.  My ideas ranged from enjoying hot cocoa by the fire, driving to see the Christmas lights, and watching The Santa Clause.
After cutting the pockets, fold the paper so the library card peeks out from the top and use adhesive tape to secure it down.

I added small Christmas trinkets and ornaments to open spaces.
Library Card Templates

Advent Library Cards Dec 1-4
Advent Library Cards Dec 5-8
Advent Library Cards Dec 9-12
Advent Library Cards Dec 13-16
Advent Library Cards Dec 17-20
Advent Library Cards Dec 21-24
Pocket Templates

Card Holders 1-2                                                  Card Holders 11-12
Card Holders 3-4                                                  Card Holders 13-14
Card Holders 5-6                                                  Card Holders 15-16
Card Holders 7-8                                                  Card Holders 17-18
Card Holders 9-10                                                Card Holders 19-20
                                                                              Card Holders 21-22
                                                                              Card Holders 23-24

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday Wreath

This is my newest craft project, a fun Holiday Wreath!  It turned out so beautiful!  It is always so great to be prepared for the next Holiday season.
First thing I made, the chalkboard.  What you need: an old/cheap frame, chalkboard paint, cardboard, and a paintbrush.
 Cut cardboard to fit into frame and paint two coats of chalkboard paint (letting it dry between coats).
Next, let's make some rosettes!
Make a lot of spirals, and I mean a lot!  Approximately 70-85, depending on how big you make them.
It takes a lot of these little rosettes!
Hot glue all the rosettes to the wreath.  I arranged about four on a time and then glued to make sure they were evenly spaced.
Attach the framed chalkboard.
And you have a beautiful Christmas Wreath to hang inside or out!
This wreath can be used for other holidays as well...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Upcycle Wreath

Thanksgiving Upcycle Wreath
What You Need:
Paper Bags
Cardboard Box
Hot Glue
Cut out a cardboard circle to glue leaves to.  Use a dinner plate for the outside circle and a small plate for the inner circle.
Cut out 11"x8.5" pieces from the paper bags.
 I created a Thanksgiving printable for this wreath. Get it at this link: Thanksgiving Printable
 Print off the Thanksgiving Printable on the pieces of cut out paper bags.
Trace a leaf on the back of the pages.  I also used plain paper bags.
 Crease the leaves down the middle.
 Attach a ribbon to hang.
This is a wreath that I made with my students.  We finger painted the paper bag with orange paint and sprinkled the leaves with glitter.  It proudly decorates our classroom door!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

What You Need:
Mason Jar
Awl or Nail
Hot Glue
Spray Paint
Soap Pump

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Burlap Bubble Wreath

What You Need:
10" Foam Circle
~1yd of Burlap (I used oyster and green colored burlap)
Push Pins
Cut a bunch of 4"x4" Burlap squares. 
Make a burlap bubble from one square and pin it directly to the circle foam.
The inner and outer circle of bubbles are pinned on the inside/back of the foam circle.  The rest of the rows are pinned on top of the foam.
Keep layering the bubbles until the entire foam circle is covered.  Make sure that you are covering any openings and pins that may peek through!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Acorn Treats

A sweet treat that is the perfect size...Thanksgiving Acorns!  These simple scrumptious bites are easy to make and eat.
What you will need:
Nutter Butter Minis
Hershey Kisses
Mini Chocolate Morsels
Baking Chocolate
Technically speaking the first step is to unwrap all those Hershey Kisses.  This is actually the longest part of this process! After you unwrap, melt the chocolate in a heat safe bowl over boiling water.
When chocolate is melted, dip the Hershey Kiss flat side down in the chocolate.  Then place the Kiss on top of a mini Nutter Butter.  Let the Kisses cool completely before moving on (it makes it easier and keeps the acorn pieces together).
Dip the mini chocolate morsel into the chocolate, then place on top of the Nutter Butter and... have made a delicious acorn treat!  Easy and Oh So Cute!
Enjoy, but be careful not to eat the entire batch (I ate several during the making process)!