Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Toy Car Painting

One of the biggest dilemmas  in my classroom is to get some of the boys to enjoy art, so I have made it my mission to find artistic projects to intrigue the many superhero boys in my class.  

The Toy Car Painting was the answer!  Not only was I able to get all of my students to join the fun, but I also made a science lesson about coloring mixing.  

Here is how to do it in your classroom today! 
Large White Paper/Tag Board
Toy Cars
Put some streaks or blobs of pain on the paper and let their artistic method begin.
After they saw what color they created, I added white to talk about shade and how the paint color will be lighter and darker in some spots.
The blue/yellow painting was absolutely beautiful.
Look at those cars go!  HONK HONK!
Then I added these color labels for a great way for the kids to look back and see what colors mix to make purple, green, orange, and grey.

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