Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chocolate Covered 'Strawberries'

One common Valentine's Day dessert is chocolate covered strawberries.  This year, I wanted to acknowledge this delicious dessert and at the same time put a twist on it.

Fade into the Chocolate Covered 'Strawberries'-
These wafer cookies are a perfect substitute for strawberries.  Whenever I eat a wafer cookie, it reminds me of my grandma's house because she always had a Tupperware container full of them, so it is a sweet reminder of her love.  

Make your own Chocolate Covered 'Strawberries'-
Strawberry Wafers
Almond Bark (Vanilla and Chocolate Flavored)
Valentine Sprinkles (I got this one at Target for $4.99)
Melt the chocolate and let stand for 1 minute to firm a little.  Dip the wafers into the chocolate and lay on parchment paper.  Immediately add sprinkles to the top of the chocolate.  Let cool and firm before storing.
And there you have it, Chocolate Covered 'Strawberries' perfect for kids and adults alike!

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