Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Paint Chip Valentine Decor

I have seen hundreds of crafts, games, and educational tools being made from paint chip samples.  Being Ms. DIY, I had to try my own craft with these fun & free paint chips; however, there should be a warning label with all these crafts:
Walking to the paint section in Home Depot, I felt confident and ready to claim this free, golden commodity. This confidence faded quickly when I an employee asked if I needed help finding a color.  My answer, "No thank you, I am just going to take all your pink and red samples, so you have to refill each one after I am gone" (Okay, that is not exactly what I said).
Here is my paint chip DIY:
Print off Valentine patterns (I love Valentine birds like the one above) on the paint chips, but remember to place the chips face up in the printer so it prints on the back.  
 Cut out the pattern and add to picture frames.
Then find a place to display your simply beautiful Valentine fun!

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