Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine XOX

This weekend I got the Valentine bug!  I decorated the house from top to bottom, so this week will be my Valentine week.  

When I think of Valentine's Day, I always reminisce.  In elementary school, I made a big heart candy box that I treasured, and wrote out my Valentines carefully, so the best love one would go to my crush.  In middle school, friends bought suckers from the student council to be given secretly to their Valentine.  Then in high school, they would write the girls' names on a big chalk board who received flowers and gifts.  

Valentine's Day is always a warm day in the middle of a Wisconsin winter.  Here is one of my fun projects:
All you need is a 10" wreath and two wooden X's ($3 from Micheal's).
I sponge painted the wreath white.
Then I covered the wreath with berries.  These particular berries were from a Christmas berry string, so I just cut off the green ones.
Find a place to set or hang for a lovely Valentine design.

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