Saturday, January 5, 2013

DIY Ironing Board

This year for Christmas, I received a new sewing machine, so I have been busy gathering tools and materials to get started sewing.  One of the items on my list was an ironing board.  I went to several stores and attempted to find a board that was not too big or clumsy or expensive.  After searching for a bit, I realized that I had the ability to make my perfect ironing board.  I went to Home Depot and Joann's to gather the materials, and it end up costing only $12 ($3- Plywood; $3- Fabric; $4- Batting; $2- Skid Proof Matting). Here is my end product...
DIY Ironing Board Instructions
Plywood 2x2 (you can use any size that works for you)
Cotton Batting
Skid Proof Matting
Cut batting to fit the piece of plywood with about 4 inches hanging on each side.  I also doubled the batting to create a better cushion.
I cut the corners, so when stapled, it is not bulky.
Pull all the ends tight, so there were no wrinkles, and staple.
Next, I added the fabric on the top of the batting (before placing fabric, iron or steam it, so there are no wrinkles).  I folded the top and bottom pieces like a present and stapled.
Finally, I stapled skid proof matting to the back to help the ironing board stay still while I am using it.

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