Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Moss Trees

As this Christmas season continues to unfold, I keep spying beautiful display ideas at stores.  One of my favorites was moss trees, but they cost $15-25 each!  So I went home and put on my craft cape to come up with these DIY Christmas Moss Trees.
I was so excited with my finished product that I could not keep it to myself, so here is your tutorial to make your very own moss trees.

How to make this rustic, modern Christmas display:
White/Vanilla Craft Paint (Paintbrush)
Floral Foam Cones
Foam Block
Artificial Moss
 Cut out artificial moss to fit floral cones and pin down.  Make sure to cover top and bottom as well.  (HINT) When I folded the bottom piece of moss to pin, it was like wrapping a present.
Paint the pots with craft paint.  First, I painted with a white normally.  Then, I used a vanilla color paint to the top by dabbing it on.  This gave it a rustic chic look.
 Add the foam to the pots to hold the sticks in place.
Put the natural sticks into the base of the floral cone and pot.
 Cover the foam with artificial moss.  I used hot glue to keep the moss in place.
Ta-Da!  Beautiful, inexpensive moss trees!
I added my give sign from Thanksgiving and a few pine cones to complete this masterpiece!

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