Friday, December 14, 2012

Quilt & Silent Auction

During our clothing study, we used fabric and paper squares to create a quilt.  I precut the fabric and paper, and then the students used glue with paint brushes to make the pattern.  Next, we punched holes around the outside to sew yarn (a great fine motor activity is a bonus).
This is how the students did the quilt pattern:
The beautiful masterpiece:
This quilt is one of the pieces that we put up for silent auction.

Silent Auction:
This is a marvelous way to generate classroom money for new projects or items to add to your learning environment.

Simply create a bulletin board to display art and have a clip board for parents/families to bid on the project. 
I also added a picture of our classroom's next purchase with the silent auction money.  This will encourage families to bid because they know what the money will be used toward.

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