Friday, September 28, 2012

Hopes and Dreams

At the beginning of the year, we discuss the students Hopes and Dreams for the school year.  By sharing their hopes and goals, it shows that they have a say in what they learn in the classroom.  We first have a group discussion about what we all hope to do in school.  Then, we talk to each student individually. 

There are many ways to record the goals, but I wanted to display each student's and also get parents involved.  Here is what I did (kudos to a former cooperating teacher!):

Hopes and Dreams Flowers
Cut yellow circles for the middle of the flower.  This is where you will write the student's hope and dream.
 Send home a green sheet of paper and instruction sheet for parents. 
 Parents cut out a flower stem and write their hope and dream for their child.
Make the flower petals with the students' hand prints.  Add the student hope and dream in the middle.
Add the parents stem to the flower and...
a beautiful display of your students goals make your room a welcoming and encouraging environment!