Friday, September 7, 2012

Morning Message

This week has been crazy and busy, so I have not been able to post; however, I thought I would share my morning message.  It is a great way to expose the kids to print and soon have them reading it aloud with me.  If you use the same words everyday, they will feel confident to join in a shared reading experience. 

I like to include all of the teachers/adults in the classroom at the bottom of the morning message, instead of just my name.  This shows the students that they are just as important in the classroom.

Soon you will be able to write the message with blank spots, starting with the leader names.  Have the leader names displayed in another spot in the classroom, and when they come in they are able to participate in writing the morning message by putting in their own names. 

I will be adding pictures of the completed classroom next week.  The room is going to get a paint job!  New paint for new beginnings!