Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tin-Can Jack-o'-Lanterns

A fun and inexpensive fall/Halloween project is always in the works after September hits.  Here is one that I really love because it is made from recycled cans and left over spray paint!  It cannot get any cheaper than free!

What You Need:
Tin Cans (Various Sizes)
Spray Paint
Clean out cans that you have used, take off the label, fill with water, and put into the freezer.  Trust me...You do not want to skip the freezer part!  This makes it easier to make the holes in the side of the can, and also stop it from deforming. 
Take out the cans when the water is completely frozen.  Find a towel or bag of rice/beans to set the cans on for stability.

Keep on making a design, but robotic designs are easier due to the curves in the can.
Take out the spray paint, and lightly coat the cans a few times.
Add candles for a modern jack-o'-lantern!
This project was so easy and fun, I was able to get Chris to join in on the fun!